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Learn How to Optimize Your Google+ Cover Photo (Video)

Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia
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Google Plus cover

Photo credit: Stephan Hovnanian

Last night, Stephan Hovnanian, a new Google+ connection, sent me the link to a video that he had created to help people best utilize their G+ cover for marketing purposes. I have decided to share it here with his permission.

But before you watch it, let me tell you why Stephan rocks.

When he heard of the new Google+ profile and page design, he decided to put together a guide in the form of an infographic that shows how to take advantage of the space on the cover. The whole thing went viral in a few days.

He also created two other resources to help us even more:

  • A Pinterest board, which features videos and sample Google+ cover photos, optimized for marketing.
  • A YouTube playlist with all sorts of videos, including reviews of covers he created

To get in touch with Stephan, visit

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