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Learn 5 New Ways How to Cool Down a Room This Summer

By Vaibhavi
Learn 5 New Ways How to Cool Down a Room This SummerThere many ways to cool a room, from AC to more creative ways. Learn new ways how to cool down a room in this guide. Learn 5 New Ways How to Cool Down a Room This Summer

Scientists report that windows can cause up to 30% of unnecessary heat. Families find it had to sleep in the night during the hot summer. For some, the warm summer merely is unavoidable with no air conditioning units installed in their houses.

There are many ways on how to cool down a room without having to rack the bill up. With the high number of repairs hitting the involved companies, even if you have air conditioning, it would be had to beat the heat.

It's essential that you learn 5 new ways how to cool down a room this summer.

Not everyone knows how blinds and curtains play a considerable role in reducing indoor temperatures. This simple trick can help you save up 7% on all the electricity bills the family may have to pay to reduce the heat. Closing the blinds essentially helps to prevent a greenhouse effect in your house.

Most people take switching up the bedding as a way of refreshing a room, but it's also an excellent way to keep the house fresh.

Families have invested in fleece blankets and flannel sheets to prevent the cold and keep the heat during winter. It would be practical to use cotton in this time of the year as it stays cooler and breathes easier.

Switching up your pillows will also be an added advantage in the fight against the heat wave. Buckwheat pillows have natural air spaces between them to help reduce the heat.

    Focus on the Temperatures on Your Body More

In the nineteenth century, there was no air conditioning equipment, but somehow, the people still survived. Cooling yourself can be a brilliant idea which can be done through taking a cold shower, sipping icy drinks and applying cold cloths on intense areas.

Other smart ideas would be changing the dress code and keeping the cuddling at controllable levels. Keeping your feet fresh in the middle of the night by having some cold water by the bedside.

This is done by opening the windows during the night. It's easy to maintain the room at conducive temperatures by turning off the light before bedtime and opening the blinds.

It's an excellent time to make use of natural light and keep the room as fresh as possible. You can read more here on natural ways of keeping cool.

Science proves that hot air rises, it's, therefore, vital that you put to bed as close to the ground to keep the heat at bay. In a single story building, it would be wise to place the mattress on the floor.

For those that live in a multistory house, sleep in the basement room or ground floor instead of your room in the upper story.

How to Cool Down a Room

It's quite tempting to have your body in front of a fan or can be tempted to crank the DIY air conditioner up. These are not the only ways of how to be cool in the hot summer. You can also have a bed air conditioner if you are looking for ways on how to cool down a room.

An essential trick during the summer is having cool bedrooms if you want to have a peaceful night.

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