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Leaked 2011/12 Tottenham Home Kit

By Thetoaststaff
So here's the new England Tottenham home shirt for 2011/12:Leaked 2011/12 Tottenham Home KitLeaked 2011/12 Tottenham Home KitLeaked 2011/12 Tottenham Home KitUmm.. What?

Noticing any similarities?  It's not that it's a bad looking shirt.  It's just that it's a white tee.  Literally.  It's a white t-shirt with a collar.  That's it.  If you're into clean, white jerseys, this one's for you.  I expect Puma to pair some plain white shorts and socks with this shirt in order to pull this thing off.  My only question: where's the sponsor?  Are they going all out in Puma's last year with Tottenham and scrapping the shirt sponsor all together?  I find that hard to believe.  Either way, they've literally wiped the slate clean for Under Armour next year.  

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