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Lead Generation Jargon, Buster

Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Peterjbell @fuselead
Like most people in the lead generation industry I love a good tech talk now and again. Whether it's real-time XML, de-dupe, image pixels or container tagging but sometimes I do question how many of our highly skilled direct marketers are getting this. This creeping wallowfiication (now it's my turn to make a word up!) in overplayed geekiness is surely clouding a lead marketers main objective to create leads that buy enough products within marketing budget. This endless techno-waffle would put off even the keenest budget holder.
In these pressing economic times, performance marketing is perfectly placed to wipe the decks clear of out-dated paying for awareness advertising models. We just need to make sure when tech is talked, it is done with the right people on the right level with a clear sight of the marketing objective.

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