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Le'Veon Bell

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Will Bell being back give us the shot in the arm we need this week, or will he be flat and out of sync?
I am glad he will be back, and think it will totally invigorate the team.
I do however have a few worries:
1: The Steelers will try to use him too much, the Chiefs will know this and blanket him and we will fall flat again this week.
2: Too many injuries lead us to over rely on Bell this week and he is not in sync yet and it will not work.
3: Steelers get myopic, knowing we need to see a lot from Bell to determine if we want to keep him after this year. They force everything to him and make us one dimensional.
Hopefully we mop the floor with KC and Bell is a beast. I just hope we don't wander into any pitfalls or overreact to last weeks loss and get stupid trying to fix it.
We have issues, some minor, some major (secondary) but a frantic flailing for a win will just magnify them. Keep to our strengths, tweak the small issues, make major adjustments to the big issues and keep on, keeping on. Le'Veon Bell

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