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Le Mexique

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Tell someone you're going to Mexico, and s/he'll probably hear you're vacationing with sand and sun soon. Most south-of-the-border trips are that simple. This one's different special though. My parents and I are visiting my dad's hometown; my dad's small, rural hometown tucked beside the Sierra de Mazamitía in the Mexican state of Jalisco. I haven't been there in 15 years.
le mexiquele mexiqueWe're escaping a snowy New York to spend a week on my grandparent's farm. I distinctly remember milking cows with my dad and abuelo upon waking, retrieving fresh eggs from the coop, helping my grandmother make tortillas, and playing along the creek with my cousins. I'm excited to (again) experience the festive reunion in San Francisco. Wish me luck with, por favor! Living in Paris hasn't exactly helped my Spanish... at all :). See you in February with photos of our beach-less Mexican getaway.

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