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Launching Our New Blog ‘Mamma Reviews’

By Sangeetha

Nowadays there are numerous products that cater to the needs of kids. From soaps, to lotions, to toys and so many other products and brands- we are truly spoilt for choice!

But while having a lot of options to choose from is a good thing, it can also put a strain on us parents. It makes the very act of choosing a product difficult. Things have progressed to an extend where choosing one product from the sea of other products has become quite the task!

They say 'knowing is half the battle'. So we usually resort to checking reviews to know about how a particular product would fare for our little one. Then comes another question - which review can we trust?

And we are back to square one!

So we have decided to end the confusion with Mamma Reviews - the latest offering from the Bumps n Baby family!

Launching Our New Blog ‘Mamma Reviews’

Back when this blog Bumps n Baby was born, little did we think today it would help so many moms! We have grown from a blog to being a trusted friend of moms. We have been answering doubts and sharing experiences that has helped us in our journey as women and mothers.

The reason why we have been able to achieve this is because moms view us as real moms sharing real life stories.

That is the same principle we have abided by in Mamma Reviews as well. It is a blog with reviews by moms for moms.

We also believe that moms should not forget about themselves after they become mothers, so we have a segment for maternity and beauty products too!

The bottom line is that we want to help. Help make the search for products easier for moms, by providing honest and relatable reviews.

And with that we would like to unveil Mamma Reviews with the hopes that it helps moms across the world!

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