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Laugh and Learn

By Myjoneses
The universe seemed to be against me this weekend.  Don’t get me wrong I had a great two days filled with my boys, family and get togethers.  But I will say in the game of life the universe and I were on different teams the past couple days, team universe had one up on me and was continually taunting me of the fact.
I appeared to accomplish nothing over my Saturday- Sunday stretch, anything that did get done wasn’t quite as it should be.  Perhaps I was meant to learn a few lessons, some were good others fell into that category you can’t help but laugh at and file under life lesson learned. Lesson run down:Laugh and Learn waiting for the parade with B
  • Do take time to do things as a family.  The Lucille Ball 100th Birthday parade was a great way to kick off our weekend Friday night with Sean the boys, my mom, my brother and sister in law, their kids and friends that joined us as it began.  

  •  Don’t base your day’s schedule around the certainty that a baby will nap when you think they will.  Sage is a baby magician that defies sleep most of the time, but I can usually count on a good late morning nap and a quick one later in the afternoon.  Usually didn’t apply Saturday, right after lunch he was out like a light and well we weren’t going to run errands.
Laugh and Learn baby magician now likes to grab the camera 
  • Make your four year old use the bathroom before you leave the house, even if he says he doesn’t have to go.  This way you wont be in the middle of a store that does not have a bathroom with the baby, a shopping cart and him yelling I really have to pee.  End result the three of us running through two parking lots to a restaurant that does have a bathroom. 
  • If you let your four year old pick out their great grandpa’s birthday present they are going to pick out all the treats they like eating when over at their house.  Candy, cookies and of course chex mix.
Laugh and Learn Silly boys at home
  • Your boys will learn early on that girls will break their hearts.  While at great- grandpa’s party one of the little girls informed Cyrus she was not going to be his friend and he needed to leave her alone.  That little girl’s baby sister also laughed at Sage.
Laugh and Learn
  • Give your child recyclables, paint and the freedom to do whatever they want and they will have a good time!
  • It is not a good idea to let your 11 month old down in the grocery store on a Sunday to hold your hand and walk.  They will want to walk through the whole store taking stops to try and crawl in between. Hmm… I am beginning to see a trend with Sam's club.
  • If you decide to buy in bulk for the month’s groceries clean out and test your extra freezer that has been sitting in the basement unused before you go shopping and come home with a trunk full of food.
  • When you think of a recipe you want to make while you’re grocery shopping, chances are you will forget to get one key ingredient. 
And again the lesson I’ll take the time to learn over and over again, do take time to do things as a family.  Just as we started off the weekend together, we ended the weekend together.  Family, my mother in-law’s backyard, dinner and a bottle of wine were the perfect end to quite the weekend.Universe you might have had it in for me this weekend but I'm hanging in there, eventually we've got to balance out. Laugh and LearnSubscribe in a reader

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