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Late Summer Sentiments, Long and Photo Heavy

By Agnes

I wish it was easier to find time for things like blogging, watching the sun go down or other much appreciated activities that give the mind a healthy break. But with the load that I carry, catching sunsets is pretty much at the bottom of my priority list -- sad but true. Will admit though that even though I find extensive, endless small talk to be somewhat analogous with torture, at the end of a long day small talk with friends and a cup of tea is still my favorite way to unwind. 

So here's to carving out some time with a cup of [*blooming*] sun tea, a purring cat and the blog.


I guess sun tea is the tea-equivalent of cold drip coffee? {A huge fan of both.} Not only do they both taste great but there's something ceremonial, almost ritualistic about the whole process of the slow heatless brew -- a bit reminiscent of aging cheese and wine I think?


Moving onto a healthy dose of vanity related trivia, I am here to report that my love affair with gold and turquoise continues: 

blue gold

Pictures are from last week -- don't think I've ever gone this long without growing somewhat tired of a color… probably the only hues I've been wearing all week.  And as hard as it is to tell from these shots, rain or shine, it's been gold lipstick & gold bronzer for me -- day in and day out.

Gold is pretty much the essence of just about everything I like about Summer… I think gold is the color of the End of Summer. Not quite Fall, but close.


Thanks to the newfound turquoise fetish, I'm definitely getting good milage out of these rings and pedicure. Next manicure + pedicure will probably be gold though. I know, klassy… so what.



And that's all the small talk for tonight. Only a few sips of tea left…

…until next time,




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