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Last Week in Review.

By Trixie_belle
Last week in review.Hello my loves!Hope everyone had a great weekend, I certainly had a more relaxed one that's for sure.I hardly left my apartment! It was raining so hard and I didn't really fancy venturing out.
This is something new that I wanted to try....As I focus most of my energy on my instagram account, my blog seems to be pretty neglected nowdays.
I thought maybe I can use my Insta posts on here instead of coming up with new content all the time.It's pretty hard when I work all week, and all I want to do on weekends is relax I'm still not entirely sure how many people actually read my blog. If you are reading this post now, head over to my Instagram (trixandthecity) and comment a star on any of the above images.It will be cute to see how many people actually read ( if any at all!)
So as I said this is pretty trial and error so please bare with me.
Inside the Insta:  MONDAY So I recently collaborated with the well known shampoo brand; Herbal EssancesI was super excited about this opportunity & couldn't wait to try out their new shampoo and foaming conditioner. Last week in review.I loved the smell and it made my hair feel lovely afterwards too. Last week in review. These are the products I tried, from the new bio renew collection.Blue ginger and Micellar water
TUESDAYWorking out is so important to me, I've always been really active and like to keep fit.I'm lucky enough to have a gym in the basement of the building I work in so I go with my friend most lunch times.Last week in review.
 I had just sat down for a break here from doing squats lolDon't worry I'm not just a gym poser, I actually do work out.Most of the time I post a boomerang or vid on my insta story so go check it out.
Last week in review. Trying to grow that peach ;)You can never do too many squats girls.My outfit is from Gymshark.Their stuff seems to sell out extremely quickly so It's defo worth joining the mailing list so you don't miss outSneakers are from nike.
WEDNESDAYLast week in review.Felt kinda sleepy so took a 3 second nap at work.. ha.Top is forever 21 / Pants are Topshop / Belt is thrifted
THURSDAYIt was Peter's Birthday!Don't tell anyone but i skived off work to take him out.He is so special to me that I feel more than happy to take a sick day for him. Last week in review. We went to a hot pot restaurant and it was DELICIOUS! He really enjoyed it :-)We took these pics just before we went out <3 br="">Last week in review. After our meal we did some window shopping as we are both broke lolI'm taking him to see the NY Knicks on Wednesday this week!We are both super excited!I also got him some sneaker cleaner and a new watch strap, Oh and a carrot cake ;)
FRIDAYLast week in review.Back to work, I feel like some people would never realize I work a 9-5 lolAnyways I accidentally fell into H&M and got this tangerine sweater... along with some other items which I will be posting on my Instagram later this week! 
SATURDAYI actually had a little break from Instagram today and spent some time chillin in my apartment with Peter. It's always good to take a break from the gram guys!
SUNDAYI got sent an amazing package from a company called 'No B.S'They have an amazing range of skincare and I was lucky enough to receive 4 different productsI especially love the packaging, its such a cute attention to detail!They are completely natural and have no nasty chemical ingredientsAlso no animal testing which is how it should be.You can see more about the brand by clicking hereLast week in review.
Last week in review. So far i have tried the foaming face cleanser and the serumLove them both!My package also came with some cute statement post cards and an iron on patch!Last week in review.
Last week in review.
 So that's a little round up of the past weekPlease let me know if you enjoyed reading inside the insta& remember to comment a star on any of these pictures on my IG if you read this post!I would love it if you did!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Trix(trixandthecity on insta)  

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