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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Man on Valentine's Day

By Breanne_banessi
Hi everyone! Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. After a lengthy transition to California, I’m finally settling back in and starting to blog again!
If you’re like me you love to impress your man and provide him with your favorite styles. Even though I’m single right now, I still love to help out all my girls!
I found that a good balance of clothes and gadgets are the key to keeping a boyfriend happy. Too many clothes and you’ll find that he thinks you’re trying to “change him” and you might offend him. Valentine’s Day is a perfect holiday to get him whatever he’s been considering.
Tip: Instead of thinking about what you think will look good on him; buy something you know he will like. It’s a tough balance but it makes a big difference in making sure he knows you appreciate his style.
Frank and Oak: I’m absolutely obsessed with Frank & Oak right now. My guy friends have been ordering shirts online and they fit great. They have these amazing leather bags too. They’re a bit pricey, but when it comes to something he will be using for years to come, you really can’t go wrong purchasing something high quality. You have to make an account to be able to browse the site, but it’s definitely worth it.
Watches: For me, watches are an essential accessory for every guy. I love when men know how to accessorize. I’ve been searching around for some premium watches lately and found some good ones on Jackthreads. I’m a big fan of leather bands and a bigger fan of big watch faces. Throne makes some of the best watches out there right now.
Gadgets: I have a few favorite gadgets this year – one of them being the Fitbit. Not only are the features awesome but they’re incredibly sleek and stylish. I wish every guy would wear one. Another hot items my guy friends keep talking about are drones. They’re all obsessed with them and they’re flying them constantly. Not sure what the hype is about, but I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong buying your man a flying machine!
Remember to keep your man in mind this Valentine’s Day. The average guy spends over $100 on his woman with flowers, chocolates, and other gifts, so return the favor! 

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