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Lars' (play)List: July

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
Lars' (play)List: July Lars' (play)List: July I'm super stoked to announce a new collaborator to Lars--and the first guy contributor. Hooray! As I don't stay up-to-date at all with music, I needed someone who knows what they're doing. Enter Kev. Kev Nemelka knows what he's doin. Kev has been a long-time friend of my sister's and is the guy to turn to with any questions about style, art, design. He's just got it. He's an independent curator, freelance writer, faux-DJ, and self-employed artist in Provo, Utah. He is affiliated with Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, BYU Museum of Art, Springville Museum of Art, Central Utah Arts Center, and Muse Music. Phew! Welcome to Lars, Kev. He's put together an awesome playlist for the 4th of July. Think BBQs, picnics, pools, beach, however you will be spending your holiday. Don't worry foreigners, it's that good that it might tempt you at your own picnics too!
Click here to listen or click below for full playlist:
Artwork by Kev Nemelka

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