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Large Paper Flower Hat

By Stjudescreations123 @judepaperflowers
I am sorry for not replying to many email and not following up on orders.My brother suddenly passed away in Feb in a car accident.He was hit by a drunk driver.It has been a very painful experience which still we are  trying to recover from.Thank you all your well wishes and emails.I am so sorry for not responding to each one.I will try to do so as I am trying to get back on track from the loss.
Meanwhile here is some orders I was on and was not able to post during the break.
Large paper flower hat
Large paper flower hat
I wrote this song during this painful process or rather the Holy Spirit wrote...I know many of you have asked for it so I thought it would easier to post it here.
It was inspired by prayer of the St Andrew's Cross and the meditation of Pope Benedict on it in the Magnificat. 
MERCY'S LIGHT==============

Waves of Mercy,Hold me close,In your arms,let me hide,Ch: Help me,show me Mercy's Light. O Cross of Christ,I cling to Thee,From your Cross,shine Mercy's Light. (Ch) 

Hail O Holy Cross of Christ,On your Cross,our sins redeemed.(Ch).
Waves of Mercy,hold us close,Shelter from the raging storm.(Ch)
In this darkest hour of life,Rain your Mercy down on us.(Ch)

Holy Mother, at the Cross,Total Surrender,at Thy Feet.(Ch)

United to the Cross,She stood,Perfect Submission, Holy Love.(Ch)So to the Cross,I too submit,All our sorrows and our pain.(Ch)
Mercy's angels,along the way,Placed to comfort,in the pain.  (Ch)

In your Mercy,hold him close,United to the Cross,I pray.

Shine your Mercy's Light on him.

Tender Mercies,from the Cross,Flowing down to fall on him.

Shine your Mercy's Light on him.

Frightening blows,trembling soul,Called to bear a heavy cross.Help me,show me Mercy's Light.United to the Cross,I prayMay it bring great Mercy's Light,Shine your Mercy on those in need.  Tune : Holy God I praise your Name. (2 lines)


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