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  • TEFL: A Growing Market

    TEFL: Growing Market

    The following post is from a guest blogger. Times are tough right now, especially in the graduate market and for people aged under 25. Read more

    The 23 August 2013 by   Naturegirl321
  • Is Embodied Cognition a "no Brainer"?

    Embodied Cognition Brainer"?

    Brains, HUH, yeah, what are they good for?When we say "there are no mental representations", people often hear 'the brain doesn't do anything'. Read more

    The 02 August 2013 by   Andrew D Wilson
  • Teaching / Working in the US Or Canada

    Teaching Working Canada

    America and Canada have a lot to offer. It is possible to teach there even if you don't have a US or Canadian passport. There are many immigrants and they have... Read more

    The 01 August 2013 by   Naturegirl321
  • The Toughest Lesson of the Week

    Toughest Lesson Week

    I need to apologise. I lied to you! When I said in my bio that I could speak five languages I wasn’t telling the truth. I deceived you and I deceived myself. Read more

    The 30 July 2013 by   Nico
  • Explore Mystical Japan

    Explore Mystical Japan

    I have always liked the Asian culture. It’s totally different from European culture. In Asia, they put a strong emphasis on values, rituals and tradition. I... Read more

    The 29 July 2013 by   Tlb
  • A Sincere Etymology Lesson

    Sincere Etymology Lesson

    What is the sincerest origin of the word “sincere?" One theory claims that “sincere" evolved from two Latin words: sine (without) and cera (wax). Read more

    The 16 July 2013 by   Expectlabs
  • Bow Wow Meow - Animal Sounds In Different Languages

    Ever wanted to know how different languages interpret animal sounds? Featuring English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Canadian-French,... Read more

    The 16 July 2013 by   Gerard
  • Dale's Cone of Experience

    Dale's Cone Experience

    From Learning styles teach us that everyone learns differently. Dale's Cone of Experience shows us how to help our students us... Read more

    The 11 July 2013 by   Naturegirl321
  • Grounded Vs. Embodied Cognition: a (hopefully Uncontentious) Note on Terminology

    Grounded Embodied Cognition: (hopefully Uncontentious) Note Terminology

    Our Frontiers paper made the case that embodied cognition is, by definition, a fairly radical affair. We argue ...if perception-action couplings and resources... Read more

    The 01 July 2013 by   Andrew D Wilson
  • Stay Fit When You Study Abroad

    Stay When Study Abroad

    On Holiday, everyone lets themselves go. All inclusive five star hotels with an ice-lolly here and a sweet chocolate snack there – you need to build up some... Read more

    The 21 June 2013 by   Tlb