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Landry Jones Makes Me Cringe.

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
OMG! if this guy has to start, if Ben gets injured, we are in deep kimchi.
What has it been, 4 or 5 years and Jones seems to be getting worse every year. There has to be a reasonable back up or even one that doesn't absolutely suck available out there, that we can replace Jones with.
All hyperbole aside, what in the world, do the Steelers see in this guy, to keep him on the roster, one injury away from giving the Steelers the worst season in history. (ok, some hyperbole).
If Ben gets hurt and Jones has to step in (face it Gradkowski is done in the NFL) then the 30 points a game will probably come from opposing defenses, running back pick 6's all night.
And Jones isn't the only scary thing I have seen out there in the 1st 2 preseason games. Yes I know it is preseason, but that doesn't excuse how bad this team looks.
I don't see much improvement on this teams defense from last year. I was really hoping to see vast improvement from the secondary, and thought it was being fixed. With injuries and draft picks showing nothing, we may even have a worse secondary than last year. Teams are marching down the field at will as they exploit huge holes or awful coverage by our secondary (bus ticket out of town for Carnell Lake, anyone???).
I am sure once the offensive starters actually play (I get not risking them in preseason, but this may be a little to conservative. Proven or not, timing and rhythm need to be worked on before we drop the 1st couple of regular season games). We will see a potent offense.
Am I the only one worried about the LT position? Seems like Villlanueva has taken a step back.
Now I have been a Steelers fan a long time and know we rarely look good in preseason, due to using it to actually evaluate talent, but this year looks particularly troubling. Hopefully I am being too alarmed and we will win the Superbowl this year!
What are your thoughts on the preseason, so far???
I felt like I was giving birth watching the game last night because it hurt so bad. Yeah, I know a whole bunch of starters didn't play, but I saw very little in execution AND philosophy that gave me much to get excited about. And I agree, if something happens to Ben, we're in trouble. What frustrates me the most, is our receivers had a DB all over them, while our DB's play the same old catch and contain. You have 2 WR and 2 CB. COVER THE ****ED WR. (Instead we cover an area).
If this is how we are going to play, then what's the purpose of pre-season games. I spent $200 for my wife and I to watch the game here against the Panthers in the last pre-season game. It probably was a waste of money.

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