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Lancôme • Grandiose Bendable Liquid Liner *new*

By Kellilash @Kellilash

I do love when a make-up artist is behind the design of a make-up product because they see the issues that everyday make-up users have with a product hence creating innovations that grab all of our attentions, which is what is behind Liner The one thing most of us struggle with is liquid liner. Creating a wing can quite frankly impossible seem impossible if your not a 'professional'. We have seen all the spoof pictures of trying to get eyeliner right and even professionals have their off days where the wing just doesn't want to cooperate (been there, got the t-shirt). Most of us tend to stick with eyeliner pencils or gel liners as they seem to behave themselves more as making mistakes with liquid isn't an option. This is where the Creative Director for Lancôme and YouTuber, has come to the rescue. Lancôme's latest product launch, link! i.e the best liquid eyeliner you shall ever come to use!
Lisa Eldridge
She has been behind some the most popular new launches this year such as the 'Juicy shakers' and has now expanded the Grandiose line with this new launch. Lisa Eldridge is one of my favourite make-up artists to watch online as just listening to her voice sends me into a hypnotic make-up trance as she has a fantastic way with make-up and teaching, hence why she is so incredible as part of the Lancôme family.
Getting the perfect angle with a liquid liner can be tricky so this new liner has been designed with a bendable wand with a unique pivot (anyone else thinking Ross from Friends right now?!) to help create that perfect angle. Lisa Eldridge worked closely to distinguish the exact right slant needed to get close to the lash line to create a perfect line. I for one was was itching to try this out as I do love a gimmick so I bought it to find out if it is was actually a worthwhile product ....

This wand allows you to get extremely close to the roots of the lashes and the thin felt tip helps to give precise and smooth results. The formula itself is water based, smudge resistant and long-lasting. The colour pay off is a very intense matte black that dries literally within seconds.

I rubbed and rubbed this liner and it did not smudge or budge. You can see below how easy to is to create a simple everyday liner look that's really intense but looks perfect worn alone with little other eyemake-up. You can of course amp it up for a full on cat flick/glamour puss look; Line away!

Let me tell you know, you wont be able to stop clicking this wand back and forth; Oh my god it's so addictive! It acts like a stress reliever as well as a liner, genius.

Yes, yes and YES!! It is incredible and I think it is probably the best liquid liner that I have tried. Also one of the prettiest packaged liners that I have ever used, dont your agree?! It is so beautiful. It takes some getting used to at first as we are all used to having to move our wand in all different directions to try and get that perfect angle and with this you have your angle immediately set which makes you think, hold on is it really this easy?! Y ou have to retrain your brain almost and start again until you become familiar with it. When this 'magic' wand is bent it gets right into the corner of the eyes and into the roots of the lashes with ease straight on. You can use the wand in a normal straight position of course but if you really do struggle with liner then you shall most definitely find that using it tilted shall help you out a lot. I find that I change the tilting of it as and when I feel I need to. There is no right or wrong way to use this, however it helps you and your eyes best. It glides over the eye and takes no time at all to apply.

The liquid itself is a fabulous formula as I love an intense matte black finish and this really is that. It wears so well as it doesn't fade, smudge or transfer due to a polymer that puts a protective film over the top. Even though it is long wearing, being water based it removes easily with just warm water so you wont be needing any hard core eye makeup removers. When lining, you will have to apply the nib back into the pot and shake it up as it will dry up after a set amount of time which all depends on how fast you are at doing your liner! It definitely helps to make your lines more symmetrical as there is nothing more annoying than wings that go off in different directions.

I am so fussy when it comes to liquid liners as there are only one or two that have ever impressed me but this one is top of my list as I genuinely adore ticks all the boxes that a liquid liner should in my opinion so anyone that was afraid of liquid liners should give this a try as I think it may just be your saviour thanks to Lisa Eldridge. It really is that good. it. I love the formulation, the wand, and most importantly for me, the nip as for me that is the decider on whether I buy it or not. It is the perfect size so you feel like you are actually drawling like an artist. It has to be just right and this one is. Grandiose liner

Yes it is a luxury buy but so worth it for the precise, stress free liner application; My advice, invest!

Lancôme • Grandiose Bendable Liquid Liner *new*

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