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Labels Or Love?

By Mdrcasual @meganrutledge

labels or love?

1. He's Just Not That Into You   2. Diptyque Rose Candle   3. Palm Tree Matches    4. clips    5. Wildfox Drunk On Love   6. Juicy Cashmere Pink Pants    7. Valentino Pink Clutch   8. Prada Patent Tassel Ballet flat (OMG)    9. Valentino Red Clutch    10. Joseph Polka-Dot Silk Pants

As the fourteenth approaches, its hard to ignore the current situation you may or may not be in. That said, I always refer to the advice exchanged between friends & I  as the blind leading the blind. So naturally I embraced the holiday filled with pink and cuteness with a lesson well learned courtesy of Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation-- Galentine's day! Galentines day is  is a day to enjoy no matter what! And based on recent patterns, when it comes to a guy on this day, I won't be holding my breath. Thats because I feel theres a lot of fun in it either way it pans out. I believe it was Fergie who once philosophically wrote, "shopping for labels, shopping for love? manolo and louis is all i'm thinking of… I be looking for labels, I ain't looking for love…"
labels or love?

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