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LA Vs NYC: Cities’ Personalities Compared Through Time-Lapse Video

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

I recently viewed two time-lapse videos of Los Angeles and New York City.

I find it interesting that LA’s elegant version by Colin Rich is filmed on the surface, with glitz and glamour.  It is confidently laid-back on a classy chaise, all sparkles and lights, very streamlined and sleek.  It is all nighttime photography to showcase only the most beautiful takes and architecture.  It is shot from somewhat of a distance, perfectly superficial, formal, calm and controlled….like a city of angels.

…While Josh Owens‘ version shows New York as edgier, grainier with fault-finding daytime footage, as well, to include grittier, busier images with critical close-ups — no softening, no makeup.  The rhythmic pulse of the people is what makes NYC dynamic, and hurried individuals appear excitingly chaotic and unsettling, as if anything is possible, as if one is at the hub of all that happens.  That is the appeal of New York, isn’t it?

Which city would more feel like home to you?  I think it says a lot about a person — show only the best parts of yourself to the world and maintain order and pleasantries…or show yourself for who you truly are, warts and all, with energy and drive?  Concerning things we are attracted to, is it a matter of glitz versus grit, beauty versus substance?  Forget their messy housewives on TV — the fascination with both these cities is more about what appeals to us as individuals, in life.

Regardless of which coast you are drawn to, there’s something about the distinct pull and personality of a city.

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