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Kratom Dosage – The Best Guide Online


Kratom is a very valuable drug. It is one of the most demanding drugs in the market. The reason for its demand is that it is considered a safer drug. It has very few side effects which is not that much major and serious. Therefore, peoples are using it to enjoy the best energizing as well as relaxing effects. But one thing which should not be ignored about Kratom is its dose.

Most of its effects depend upon the amount of it we are taking. The reason is that if a Kratom strain has relaxing effects at a low dose than maybe at high dose it gives high levels of energy. Therefore, before using Kratom you should be well aware of its dose. You should also be aware of the properties of the Kratom strain. The reason is that each strain is different from each other in nature. Some strains have high effects at low dose bit other have relaxing effects at low dose.

The reason for being different in nature is that strains are grown in totally different regions, Each Kratom possesses the properties of the region where they are grown. This is why the Kratom strains, belonging of different regions are completely different from each other. Therefore, before purchasing Kratom you should know the reason for which you are willing to use it. After purchasing it gets the complete information about the accurate dose of that Kratom which will fulfill your needs.

Best dose of Kratom for energetic effects:

If you are going to start the use of Kratom for heightening up your level of energy then you should start up with the low dose. Usually, Kratom gives relaxing effects at the high dose. If you want energizing effects than low dose is recommended. The starter should use almost 2 grams per day. If you are a regular user then approximately 3 – 5 grams is enough for you per day. This dose should be taken if you want the best energizing effects. But keep in mind that the dose should be taken once in a day and there should be a gap of 10 – 12 hours between the first and the second dose.

If you are measuring with a teaspoon then 1 – 2 level teaspoon is enough.  One leveled teaspoon measure 2 grams. Some other low dose effects of Kratom are as follow:

•   It uplifts the level of energy

•   It increases our motivational level

•   It improves our mood and enhances our tolerance level.

•   It promotes the ability to concentrate more.

•   A person starts talking more and becomes more social.

•   It works as an anti-depression

High dose effects of Kratom are mentioned below:

•   It may cause sleeplessness

•   It may lead to nausea

•   It may cause anxiety or amateurish feelings

•   It has cause dryness of our mouth

•   It can lead to pain in head or migraine

•   It may cause high blood pressure


To enjoy the best effects of Kratom you should know about its dose. If you are not well aware of the dose and which strain you should buy then you can take help from your doctor.

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