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Kollam Backwater and Munroe Island

By Vishnudas
Kollam backwater and Munroe Island

The south western state of the Indian subcontinent known as Kerala is home to one of the most beautiful places on earth. The silent Desinganadu backwaters , the swaying palms, golden beaches, long coast lines, undulating luscious tea gardens, the magnificent Western Ghats etc make this state a grand one to visit. With a huge variety in the landforms the state is one which will never cease to amaze you. However it is not just the landforms that make this state an utterly interesting one to visit, the people and their culture are equally flamboyant and grand.Kollam backwater and Munroe Island
The port of Kollam has seen a lot of traders ranging from the British, Chinese, Arabs, Dutch, French and even Romans. With such a strong historical background of trade, walking down the streets of the town one can find the traces of the traders left behind in the form of architecture, language and souvenir shops. A simple stroll along the streets of the town will send you reeling back to the historical times of the golden trading age.Out of the many places that one can holiday in the state that is known as “Gods Own Country” Kollam is a town that makes quite laid back holiday. The town is an old sea port town and is located on the banks of the Asthamudi Lake. This town is a historical town with much history being connected to the trading affairs of the past and had gained quite a name in being one of the famed ports in ancient India. It is not only the history that makes the town of Kollam a great holiday destination but the things to do and see within its vicinity adds charm to it. The beaches of this quaint town are wonderful places to spend your mesmerizing evenings with your loved ones or great places to immerse yourself in thoughts. The Palaruvi falls with its streaming waterfalls that comes rolling trough the crags and slipping down the almost vertical wall of rock is a sight that will amaze you. Other than the waterfall and the beaches the lighthouse, the lake and the backwaters make a holiday here a great one.

Kollam backwater and Munroe Island

Munroe islands

However amongst the many places that you can spend your time in Munroe islands is one of the best destinations to visit when in the state. The confluence of the Kallada River and the Asthamudi Lake has created the island and can be accessed by road, rail and backwaters. A visit to this island will be an escape into the almost surreal place filled with peace and quiet. The activities that one can do in this island are leisure filled activities such as fishing, bird watching, visiting coconut farms, taking boat or canoe rides along the lagoons and canals etc. If you are traveling during the festive season of Onam or days after it then you may be able to get a glimpse of the famed Kallada boat race. This race takes place 28 days after Onam and is a grand competition between the long snake boats.As Kerala is known to be the spice capital of the country when one visits the state one should not miss out on visiting the spice markets to try out the exotic flavours. Other than the spices the town is widely known for its cashews, so when there do try out the different types of cashews found there.All in all a vacation in the spice kingdom of India would be an incomplete one if the place from where all the spices were launched into the world is not visited. So make it a point to visit the old port town and soak in a bit of the history along with sun at its shores.

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