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Knock, Knock Anyone Home? Interior Design and Decoration Lighting Tips

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Knock, knock anyone home? Interior Design and Decoration Lighting TipsDo not use makeup, or sneak a flashlight in hand around. I am bold, brave and always looking for easy prey. They work hard for me. I think I deserve the best of what it has to offer. So keep up the good work.

I'm your local thief and I really appreciate their efforts to keep me busy. You might know me. I can be very familiar. Remember, the carpet it was for the last week cleaning, or the time when I paint their channels. I took your old refrigerator for a month. While at home gently let your bathroom use me. While I was there, I déverrouillai the small lock in the window of your bathroom - thank you very much.

It is configured to keep it that way. I can tell you have wonderful things to offer me. If the newspapers stacked up at your door and leave, I notice. I wander through the streets with flyers and leave them on doorknobs, that the finding that a few days later. I put my bold color can be home. Beginning with the trim to paint the door. The neighbors know I'm there before and I wonder even estimates.

When they leave, I go to the window in the bathroom. I go and help all things beautiful. Children Tomo game system, jewelry and hand in the drawer of underwear, favorite hiding place for a woman of her most popular items.

It snowed during his absence. Too bad the road is full of snow. I shoveled for you, while you were away. I also went to the house, when I made a copy of the key on a keychain, as I cleaned your carpets. I love the dough.

It has changed the locks in my absence. Everything is fine. decorative glass on the side of the front door and lets see if the control panel from the control panel near the door to install, I can see. Easily accessible from there.

Please do not give your alarm company all ideas. Treat me; talk about the installation of an alarm in the kitchen sink; After all, it can be wet. There is also no need for alarms or motion detectors on the windows of the second floor as complicate my work.

I like rainy days. Rain makes people rush home, rush in, and hurry up dry. You forgot to close the door in a hurry?

You can be at home and hear my shot. They said. I was polite and wanted to know if he had craftsmen work for me. I'm unemployed and small stalls that continuous work. I'm too poor to obtain necessary licenses or insurance, make sure you understand. I am at your disposal to help me humiliated. Control without me, let me in the kitchen sink this leaky faucet solve. I open the window above the sink that no wire alarm company. Thank you for being so comprehensive.

I know that children's rooms are not worthy of my efforts. I focus on the sock drawer, clothes closets and drawers for valuables. Sometimes I'll go straight to your medicine cabinet. There are always things in it, sell on the street. Also, if your is safe and well closed and not screwed, I just take it all with me.

I stay away from loud noises; They annoy me. Please leave radio and television while you are away.

I hate those little devices regulation. If you help me, my work done.
Dogs are not man's best friend. I despise your nosy neighbors. Do not let them know when you are away.

All blocked? I have a glass cutter. It takes a few seconds in a hole large enough to cut the arm in time to get enough space to open the window. I'm here!
I hate to worry about this alarm center? You can never forget that, I turn it off while you're away, so just leave without setting the alarm. Thanks, that makes my job easier.
Besides that I was a couple of days of surf in front of the neighborhood, I noticed all the lights were. They were watching a show on the big screen TV. The picture was clear. I could see on the street. I'm glad not close your blinds. I have a lot of money for it.
I am your friend on Facebook. You tell me that if you go and when you get back. Have fun. I will do it.

Teak things really. Last week I castrated a woman in the face with wasp spray. She kept her bed. She had no need for permission. twenty feet were sprayed in the face. I was blinded. I staggered around 15 minutes, not seen in the situation. He gave police time to get there and get me. I hate you.

When I left, I promised were to stay at home. I tried the house of a neighbor. This man left the car keys beside your bed and whistle while I was trying to get in through the back door. I also hate it, even when I left. I will spend a life in a different environment.

For tips bathroom lighting will actually be able to test several magazines and websites update. You can buy a lot of interesting and creative concepts, with many lighting consultancy. store home design, lighting can really offer a link that is very useful for power, especially if you really do not intend also a bathroom facelift.

Knock, knock anyone home? Interior Design and Decoration Lighting Tipsa lamp lights up the whole room a necessity. You also need task lighting in the kitchen sink and the great part of the figure. If the table is in the kitchen, a device fell on the table, it is suitable. Use a dimmer light in this way you will be able to mood are very regular. trace lighting will be able to run on an island or butcher block bar is handy.

Much of the lighting in a room really light reflected by a surface contributed. Footamberts (FL) that measure the amount of light reflected from a surface. If you really want, very technical (FL = FC x% reflection) to buy. For example, if 100 FC achieve a wall or table, 40% covered with a reflective surface, then reflect from the surface 40FL.

The kitchen is a place where bright, functional lighting is a must. Under cabinet lights are also providing a good choice, good visibility for food preparation; The lack of lighting in this area can also increase the risk of injury when cutting food. Consider lights above cabinets installed to provide soft lighting in the ceiling area are available - which is also the work or pieces contrast details like ceiling paint colors and wall to mark a good way or strips. Excellent head chandelier or ceiling light, makes requests for general lighting of the room. If you have a kitchen counter or PC, including a functional desk lamp.

Lighting can be as simple as a desk lamp or lamp side table. This type of lighting is used regularly to read, but is also very useful for other projects that require the ability to determine the details. It is strongly recommended that each seat for one room has its own task lighting recommended but not always possible. Place lamps on the nightstands and tables finishing; You can also place a sofa table behind the sofa and a lamp there because good place. floor lamps are a good alternative and may also include behind the chairs, which are angled in a corner. Finally, recessed lighting is able to give more light where other options are available.

The author strongly recommends maintaining a lighting products interior design for your needs. For more information on this topic, try Decoration Newsletter funnel pointers trend.

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