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Kitsis and Horowitz and Their Plans About Season 1

Posted on the 16 December 2011 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

Spinoff Online posted an interesting interview to Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. They talked about their plans for OuaT Season 1 and more.

Looking at the more recent developments of the show, last week’s episode ended with the death of a pretty major player in the cast with the Huntsman/sheriff. Up until this point in the show, we were discovering the characters as they’ve been held in amber. Were you working to get to this death, and now that we’ve hit it do you feel like the show has past a certain crest in terms of dominoes falling over?

Horowitz: From the moment the show was picked up, this was our plan in terms of what we were going to do with the Huntsman. And it was all about setting forth the stakes of the idea that if the final battle is going to start, it has to have tangible stakes and a real cost. This was a conscious decision on our part that at this point in the season when there is a break, the audience should know that the battle is going to get more intense and that there are real life and death stakes at play. While we can continue to tell stories in Storybrook and fairy tale land as well, all of that is infused with a sense of danger and reality.

And the line that stands out from the episode is the queen talking about Snow White when she says, “I shared a secret with her, and she couldn’t keep it … and that betrayal cost me dearly.” When can we expect some more revelations on that particular story thread?

Kitsis: That is kind of an extension of when in episode two when the queen is talking to Maleficent about how she lost someone she loves. There, we kind of understand that Snow White had something to do with this, and it’s a question of “Is this why she hates Snow so much?” I can tell you that that is a question we hope people are asking because it’s one we plan on answering this year.

Horowitz: And it goes right back to that question of “Why is the queen evil?” and taking an iconic character and making her as real as we can. Something happened to this woman to make her want to do these things. Something happened to make her hate Snow White, and the “fairest of them all” story that we all grew up with is only the tip of the iceberg for the story we’re telling. In the Hunstman episode, that line is the beginning of us digging beneath the surface of what exactly happened in the past to create this situation – which we will be getting to this season.

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