Kitchen Top: is Marble Or Granite Better

Posted on the 28 April 2021 by Tjstone
Kitchen top: is marble or granite better

Deciding which to invest in the best kitchen is a choice that needs a lot of attention as many factors offer not only aesthetics and design but also resistance, functionality and features.


A good kitchen worktop must therefore be resistant, practical, and functional to meet different needs. There are different materials able to respond more or less effectively to these requirements.

Choose the Best kitchen Countertops

First, we identify the most suitable materials and features for kitchen tops, which distinguish marble or granite counters in new jersey.

Differences between Marble and Granite Countertops kitchen worktops

A kitchen top must guarantee hygiene and resistance to heat, stains and intensive use. Mainly a granite kitchen top is more resistant and long-lasting, while a marble kitchen top is more precious but less resistant to humidity.

The marble worktops are appreciated for their aesthetic characteristics thanks to their unmistakable chromatic diversifications. A marble worktop is hygienic and reliable. Marble is a crystalline limestone rock, mainly composed of calcium carbonate. It is a challenging choice because it requires care and attention as it does not absorb liquids, but is sensitive to food acids such as lemon and vinegar, and can be scratched easily. Food stains should be removed immediately with warm water and soap. The marbles are resistant to compression but be careful to place very hot pots and pans on them.

A granite countertop Kitchenis a more functional and resistant material. Granite is an igneous rock, it is formed by the flow of lava or magma, cooled, it is 100% natural and has a granular structure. It is available in many colors, from pink to gray, from brown to black. The myriad of shades in which it is possible to have it makes it suitable for any type of furniture, classic as well as modern kitchen. Granites do not scratch, are water repellent, do not absorb oils and fats and are not afraid of acids.

Granite has chromatically different colors countertops compared to marble but certainly offers a greater capacity due to its consistency to resist shocks, heat, and organic substances such as oil, vinegar. This is certainly a particularly relevant point when choosing your ideal kitchen top. It is always useful to always pay a minimum of attention to all organic substances that can come into direct contact with the worktop regardless of the choice of material.

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