Granite Countertops Kitchen Worktop

Posted on the 05 May 2021 by Tjstone

Granite is not only an extremely robust, but also visually appealing natural stone that is not only suitable for the kitchen worktop, but also for cladding. A granite countertop can withstand many daily challenges in the kitchen, but it also has a major weak point. Your kitchen planner will explain the advantages and disadvantages.

Granite Countertops kitchen worktop

Granite - robust natural stone

Granite is very hard and robust , harder than marble or slate, for example. The massive deep rock forms within the earth's crust when magma solidifies. Granite is rich in quartz countertopsand feldspars. Cuts and scratches with knives or bumps from other objects can therefore only do little to harm a granite worktop. It is also heat-resistant so that hot pots can be placed on it without any problems.

The natural stone speaks for its dark look, which gives every kitchen a touch of elegance.

Granite countertops are also easy to clean. The mopping up of leftover food and liquids should still be done relatively quickly. How long the surface remains flawless and shiny depends on the respective pretreatment and daily care of the worktop.

Do the granite countertops fit in the kitchen?

Natural stones have a special look and create a noble or exclusive atmosphere. However, that doesn't go with every kitchen interior. Nevertheless, granite is a more restrained variant: a marble worktop with its extravagant marbling, for example, attracts attention much faster than the restrained gray of a granite kitchen worktop. There are also different types and therefore different patterns and colors of the stone.

A worktop made of natural stone can appear massive and bulky. A granite worktop can be very dominant in smaller kitchens in particular. Whether thinner or thicker granite slabs are chosen also depends on the structural requirements and current design trends in the kitchen.

If you are bothered by the fine patterning of granite slabs, which may seem restless to some viewers, limestone slabs or a ceramic worktop may be  a sensible alternative.

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