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Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

By Lorigilder @lorigilder

Last week I was in Vegas attending the annual KBIS (The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show).  There were many inspirational and innovative products exhibited and launched at the show. I want to share with you a few of the emerging kitchen and bath trends that we will be seeing a lot more of – along with a few of my personal favorites.

A Few Show Trends

Technological Innovation:
Going digital is a trend that is sure to become the standard over time. Water conservation and temperature control setting shower systems are leading the way from manufactures such as Moen’s ioDIGITAL vertical spa and the DTV Prompt Shower System from Kohler.

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

Kohler DTV Prompt Digital Shower System

For the ultimate in toilet technology – Kohler’s state of the art Numi Toilet features a motion -activated lid and seat, touch screen remote, retractable bidet, air dryer, heated seat, feet warmer, air deodorizer, and music docking station. For $6,400 this throne could be yours!

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

Numi Toilet by Kohler

Retrofit For A Quick & Easy Change:
Whether renovating, remodeling or simply retrofitting, here are a few products that are making it easier than ever before to upgrade homes with ease and style for the self proclaimed DIYer.

For the kitchen, Kohler has introduced two 7” Apron-Front (or farmhouse) sinks. The Vault – available in stainless steel is perfect for a contemporary/urban designs and the Whitehaven – constructed of Enameled Cast Iron can easily integrate into any existing classic and traditionally inspired home.

I sat in on the presentation from HGTV’s Monica Pederson – Host of “Bang for Your Buck” where she explained along with her plumbing specialist, how easily these products can be integrated into existing standard kitchen cabinetry.  The best is – the depth of the sink is 9”, but the apron itself is reduced in order to fit into a standard base cabinet. Brilliant!

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

The Vault by Kohler   Stainless Steel

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

The Whitehaven by Kohler   Cast Iron

Another consumer-friendly product providing great retrofitting capabilities is Moen’s M-PACT Common Valve System.  This allows the homeowner to easily change out the bath and shower faucets by eliminating the need for a plumber.  It’s really as simple as changing a light bulb – unscrew the old faucet and replace with a brand new design.

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

Moen’s M-PACT Common Valve System

Personal Favorites

Ann Sacks:
Many of you, who’ve worked with me, know how much I adore Ann Sacks tile.  Their exquisite product lines and designs are due in part to their collaboration with such prestigious designers such a Barbara Barry, Michael S. Smith – and now Vicente Wolf is added to this illustrious list.  Vicente was in Vegas at the KBIS show launching his new Vicente Wolf Textures Collection for Ann Sacks. Mr. Wolf created seven stunning tile designs, which reflects the designer’s appreciation for “the way nature engages the senses”.

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

Vicente Wolf     Waves

It was a true highlight for me to meet Vicente, whose work I’ve admired for years.  He was engaging, delightful and very insightful into the business of Interior Design – and our conversation regarding the design industry was very enlightening.  He was very candid, honest and a true pleasure to meet.

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

Ann Sacks Booth with Vicente

Another favorite is Brizo’s very sexy bathroom faucet – “Charlotte” which was introduced at KBIS.  This distinctive Art Deco inspired bathroom faucet, available in Polished Nickel and Cocoa Bronze, will work beautifully with many stylized bathroom designs. It will be available for shipping later this year.  Check back soon to Brizo website for more information.

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

Brizo’s New “Charlotte” Faucet

Kitchen & Bath Trends – KBIS 2011

Brizo’s Booth

Which of these kitchen and bath trends featured can you visualize in your home?

Stay Inspired!

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