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Kipper : It's A Bizarre Universe. The #NHL Doesn't Suspend Matt Cooke

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Well, Holy _____!
I thought for sure that the NHL would've suspended Matt Cooke. . He's Matt Cooke. He gets suspended for these things. A Player gets injured and Matt Cooke is in the vicinity, he's likely to be suspended. The NHL decided not to suspend Matt Cooke.
The next thing we figured was sure to happen was Bryan Murray with his masculine speech impediment and brain impediment would whine and cry his way with NHL officials to get Matt Cooke suspended and that didn't happen either ...
As I told Brendan Shanahan this morning, that’s not my job. My job is to worry about the Ottawa Senators. The league, Brendan being the front guy for the league in this case, has to do what they feel is right. They suggest it was a hockey play gone bad. I suggest that Matt Cooke has somewhat of a history and maybe that should be considered as well, but I don’t believe that’s the approach they took. They took it as an individual act…We get no value out of a player being suspended and that’s why I’m not pushing it at all.
Basically, the NHL ignored Bryan Murray. Possibly because there were too many "S's" when he talked and it annoyed Brandan Shannahan... I'm sorry, it's been a while since I've made fun of Bryan Murray :D
It's great to see that the NHL didn't just look at the player and make a quick assumption as we all assumed. They actually apparently looked at the tape of the play and determined it was accidental and not intentional. This is good news for Matt Cooke who m,any of us have felt has toned down his play because he's got a target on his back. His physical play has softened because he's more afraid of making a hit and someone getting hurt and he has to face a suspension or fine. To Matt Cooke's credit, he's adjusted his game but it's also neutered it as well. Hopefully this can be seen as a sign by Matt Cooke that the league isn't going to just look at the name and number on the back of a jersey and ignore the video proof and Matt Cooke an work some more of that great physicality back into his game.
For anyone interested in reading further, my friend Stevie over at Hockey And High Heels wrote what I thought was a fantastic Article based on the response from Bryan Murray... so check it out..

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