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Kintaro Ramen: Shio & Garlic Breath!

By Foodobyte @foodobyte

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Kintaro is the first name that pops into mind when I think of ramen. Ironically, I haven’t eaten there until just recently. For the most part, the hearsay of block-long queues deterred me from visiting. Luckily when Kiely and I went, we beat the rush as there were only 2-3 parties ahead of us.

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It’s a tight space so larger groups would probably have more difficulty landing a table. We sat right next to the open kitchen, which allowed me to peer over the counter and check out the four boiling pots broth made from a pork bone base.

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I ordered the Shio Ramen ($7.95) with Medium soup (vs rich and light) and Fat BBQ Pork (vs lean). It came garnished with green onion, bean sprouts and an egg.

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The soup base was much milder than I’m used to, since I usually order miso at other places. It still tasted pretty good though. The fatty pork was indeed fatty, but didn’t explode with grease – that’s a plus! My only gripe with this bowl was the egg… It was completely hardboiled. No flowy, yolky eggs here, folks.

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Kiely ordered the BBQ Spicy Garlic Ramen ($11.45), which came with more fatty pork. Holy, Kintaro totally over-delivered on the “garlic” part of the dish. You see that yellow ball in the centre? Yeah, that’s a ball of garlic!

I tried this on another visit with hippoCHAN. She was not happy… because of the irremovable garlic breathe, seriously. I brushed my teeth and tongue, as well as gargled mouth wash two separate times, to no avail. Oh well! I would still order the Spicy Garlic Ramen again because I love spicy and I love garlic!

Final Bytes

  1. Long line ups (try going on a weekday, earlier in the day)
  2. Staff is surprisingly attentive despite being so busy
  3. Gyoza’s a pretty good appy

Foodobyte’s Rating

Kintaro Ramen: Shio & Garlic Breath!

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Curtis Ng
Curtis Ng

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