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Kind of a Big Deal.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
this past weekend, i gave the biggest presentation of my career. it was my master's thesis presentation with two lovely ladies that i've been working with for the past 9 months on.
kind of a big deal.
we've spent more time together in the past 9 months than with our significant others. working late into the night, calming each other down to stop tears from appearing, and making each other laugh because we can't even make sense anymore. i am happy to say we are done with our 97 page thesis and this weekend we graduate as Master's of Education. now hopefully we can find jobs in the area!
kind of a big deal.
sunday, jeremy and i had the pleasure of watching our nephew connor. he is a joy to be around all the time. constantly laughing, smiling, and giving hugs and kisses. since it was nice out we took him and claymore for a walk and to the playground. he spent some time on the swings and walking around. he was not a happy camper though when we brought him in to take a nap. he fought jeremy forever, and almost fell asleep standing up since he was crying because he wanted to be outside. both him and claymore were exhausted and we were able to get them both down for a nap haha :) how was your weekend?
kind of a big deal.

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