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Kim Kardashian: Love to Hate Her!

By Xotanja @xotanja
THIS CHICK:Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!is Kim Kardashian. I know, I know. A lot of people will get up my ass about why I even bother posting about her. No, I don't think people are too harsh on her. My views are if you're in the limelight, you'll have plenty of harsh criticism (especially when you do dumb things.) You signed your soul away! It's what you wanted. No one put a gun to your head and said ''ARGH, GO OUT THERE AND MAKE A SEX TAPE SO YOU CAN BE FAMOUS, OR I'LL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!&%#$#%''No.One thing I will say is that no matter how stupid her actions may be, how air headed she is, and how she has a low-class snobby rich kid attitude, there are two things you need to admit...THE BITCH HAS STYLE!&THE BITCH IS GORGEOUS!Yeah, I said it. I know most of you want to come at me with torches and forks, but hold up a second. We all know it's true, that's why most people love to hate her! I know I love to dislike her. I defiantly don't hate anyone. You need to give credit where credit is due. I love her sense of style. Sure, she has all the cash in the world to buy whatever type of clothes she wants, but the chick KNOWS how to DRESS! As a curvy girl myself, she has one heck of a curvylicious body. And it works! Every time I see her in a magazine, when it's not about some idiotic thing she said/and or did, she's freakin' sporting from head to toe, looking fabulous. She knows how to dress casual, sporty, fun, sexy and elegant!Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!
Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!
Another thing that she's most known for throughout the beauty world & around the world in general (besides porking on camera) is her MAKE UP! Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!
Everytime I go on Youtube for smokey eye makeup tutorials, I'm bombarded with millions upon millions of the ''Kim.K smokey eye'' tutorials. She really made a name for herself in the makeup world as well! I'm sure at this point she doesn't do her makeup on her own anymore, but you can see pictures of herself from way back when, her makeup was still on-point & stylin' !Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!So, why all the hate?There is a whole laundry list of ''reasons'' why some people ''hate'' Kim Kardashian. Like I said before: I don't hate, I don't like the word ''hate''. How can anyone wish harm to someone who has done nothing directly to them? I go onto some forums and some of the things most people say is appalling! ''She's so fake and ugly, I HATE HER!!''''She's a horse face and a stupid s**t!!''''She deserves to DIE!!!!''Woah, woah! Back it up there, skipper! She deserves to die? Why do some people feel like they have the privilege & power to say such horrible things about other people? Because they have that power, through the internet, and hiding behind a computer screen. It's so simple to say whatever the hell you want, and not deal with the consequences!Freedom of speech, eh?
As for me, I do DISLIKE. And some of the things she has done are big points on my dislike list.Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!1. She made marriage seem like a joke.Marriage is a BIG special & important next step two people make together, proving that their love can last decades, through good & bad, sickness & health, till death do them part. Her getting engaged after dating this basketball dude for like a millisecond, and then broadcasting the entire damn thing on National Television was such a low blow for publicity and money. As a young-bride-to-be, I can assure anyone that marriage is not a joke! And I do understand the frustration of the Gay & Lesbian community. You say them wanting to make a lasting commitment to their partners that they love to death is wrong & immoral, yet you let Kim.K take a piss all over the marriage certificate and laugh her ass all the way to the bank? $17.9 MILLION dollars, America? Really? Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!2. She's a major brat.I cannot for the life of me deal with bratty, spoiled people. I just CAN'TCan anyone really fight me on this one? *Insert nasally voice here* ''That room needs to magically appear for me, because I've been asking for it for a month now!'' What money, fame and reality television do to a girl, tsk tsk. To be honest, she seems like a really sweet woman. One of the people that if you catch off guard, and actually had a real human heart-to-heart conversation with, without the camera up her ass all the time...she seems like she'd really be nice. So I suppose I'm speaking in terms of the television Kim.K. Can you say, divaaaaa? A friend who worshiped the ground this chick walks on sent me a link to a video of her breaking down. What was she breaking down about, you ask? Oh nothing, just whining about how her presidential suite was too big, too hot & WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY ARE THESE F**KING FLOWER PETALS ON THE BED!? On a side note, she wore $75,000 earrings while at the beach...I mean...who does that, really? It's too much diva for me to handle.As for her sex tape & her plastic surgery. I really don't care, and neither should anyone else. I don't understand what's so taboo about a sex tape. Couples enjoy exploring their sexual passions through very different types of activities. Is there something wrong with that? No. What is wrong with it, is 1. Putting it out to get publicity & fame, for all the wrong reasons. And 2. Actually getting that publicity & fame. Who would Kim.K be to us today if it wasn't for her sex tape? Probably no one. A rich girl who's daddy was OJ Simpson's lawyer, who happened to know a few things about fashion & was dating Brandy's cabbage patch doll head midget brother. As for her plastic surgery. Who the hell CARES! All these people whining about how she's ''fake'' & a ''bad influence'' for little girls who think the only way they can be pretty is by changing the way they look through surgery, it's all SO played out. Instead of parents attacking a celebrity for deciding what to do with their own damn faces, why can't they sit their child down & have a heart-to-heart conversation about the importance of self-esteem?  But no, it's easier to point the finger.Kim Kardashian: Love to hate her!I do think she looked a lot better before surgery, a lot more sweeter looking. But, TO EACH HIS OWN! If she's okay with it, her mother is okay with it & she has the money to do it...can someone explain to me, WHERE'S THE PROBLEM? If she's happier with herself now, good for her!All in all? She has pros & cons.But...Who doesn't?-Tanja xo

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