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Killer Tips To Drive Traffic from StumbleUpon to Your Blog - Special Case Study

Posted on the 26 June 2014 by Wiseking18
Many Bloggers are eagerly waiting to know real secrets of StumbleUpon to drive huge traffic from StumbleUpon which helps to get more visibility among US visitors and helps to rank well among search engines with social signal boosting.
           Many Pro bloggers follow these tricks to drive tons of traffic and they also have good alexa rank boost up. This traffic is very important for business people who want to have more sales and branding from USA. Many advertisers pay good amount to place their ads and also for Sponsored posts for the sites having huge StumbleUpon Traffic. Finally I want to reveal my experiments on StumbleUpon which developed good traffic and visibility of my site.
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How To Drive Traffic From StumbleUpon:

  • First and most important tip after getting an account from StumbleUpon is to share interesting pages, what I mean is, don't share your pages initially, share some pages which can gain viewers attention towards you and that's how you get good followers.
  • Once you get 100 followers then start stumbling or sharing your website pages then your followers may stumble your pages thats how you get social signal boosting along with huge traffic.
  • Please Choose Specified Niche to promote your site and follow some people who shares interesting pages as you can share their pages to get good followers on that particular niche.
  • I always recommend you to follow like minded stumblers to get visibility of your shared pages.
  • Try to use StumbleUpon badge on your website to create interest among visitors to stumble you page.
  • Choose exact category on Stumbleupon to get traffic for long time (around 3-4 weeks), I wrote an article about facebook tricks and Stumbled with category facebook and it help me to drove 6k views and still I am getting 10-20 views per day.Stumbleupon+traffic
  • Try to write about the categories on Stumbleupon to get viral traffic, If you write about SEO and submit on stumble page with category SEO you will get good traffic from webmasters and Seo experts who definitely installs alexa bar on their browser that how you can manage to get good alexa boost up too. 
  • Try to Stumble your article for 2-3 days as StumbleUpon allows to add 10 pages per day to get good results.
  • I have not tried but heard that Paid Discovery on StumbleUpon also plays well to drive traffic, so try it.
  • So finally I revealed many things and my experiments which worked well to get stumble traffic and good Alexa rank. So its your turn to drive tons of traffic to your blog from Stumbleupon.


 My sincere advice is to get as many followers you can on Stumbleupon to drive traffic for long time to your pages. So initially share other interesting pages to get good and active count of followers to have huge traffic for long time. This will gradually increase your authority and also rankings among search engines.

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