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Kill People With Kindness?

By Latoya @latoyallawrence


Thursday, August 03, 2006 at 12:39 AM EDT

I have never been the type to kiss anybody’s ass especially when they talk shit to me. However, there are times when you do have to hold back even if you don’t really want to.

Around the first week at my job i met a couple of managers i didn’t like right away. I have come in contact with many types of people throughout my life and i’ve always been able to read people. I know who is good, i know who is no good and i know who is in between. So when i saw the few managers that i knew would be trouble i knew how to handle them. And it worked.

I got a promotion, not all just for my work, but for my positive attitude. I don’t put on airs i just be extra courteous to those who may not deserve it.

I don’t like that i have to behave so humbly on a job that ain’t all that fabulous but i’m motivated by the money, nothing else. My mind is more on what i’m really meant to be and do in life and i’ll get there soon. A customer even came into the store and said please don’t do this forever because i’m way too smart too be working there. I told her i had other plans.

Meanwhile, i make sure to avoid conflicts.

The day before yesterday, one of the female managers over me didn’t want to admit that she failed to include certain information while instructing me to do something and she got a little stink in her attitude and i definitely didn’t like it. I wanted to put her in her place because i knew i was in the right but i had to hold my tongue to keep my job.

She is a manager so she is going to cover her ass because if she leaves things out it shows irresponsibility on her part to those higher over her so naturally she’ll put the shit on me. She doesn’t deny though that i’m a very good worker and that she was on the warpath that particular day but that it wasn’t with me. This was a hint to me to be on guard with her and it confirms things that i read about her when i first met her.

What is wrong with making a mistake? Nobody is perfect. She didn’t want to take fault for one of her own actions and it was something minor.

Last month i overheard a co-worker saying how once this woman became a manager the position went to her head and i see it in more ways than one. I know things like this go on all throughout life in many circumstances. Sometimes us as people have to do what we don’t want just to get where we need to be. We have to put up with people who we don’t like just to keep the peace or to be professional. And we sometimes have to go along with the program while we’re interacting with others.

I don’t have to live with these people so it’s really no big deal. I always keep aware that there will always be people who will cause trouble at some point or another, though. And incidents like these are reminders.


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