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* Kids Sales!!!

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
my addiction. my obsession. kids sales. * kids sales!!!  I am not against gently worn clothing for the little. 
A. kids grow too fast to spend tons of money on the clothes, shoes, jackets, etc... all of the time. Don't get me wrong, I do buy new for Avrie often.... too much, more than I ever need to but most of the time its reduced to clearance and or marked down. 
B. its kind of fun finding things that are not hanging on the racks and every other toddler around is wearing the same thing...
C. I dig to find the good condition stuff and anything that is cute BUT has a stain (big or small)... instantly goes into the "no pile". Same goes for anything TOO worn i.e. stretched out, faded, has holes and/or those little fabric piles.
D. I don't go to a sale to buy used bedding, swim wear or underwear... ew.
E. Again anything (before purchase) gets a good once over and everything (after purchase) goes right into the wash. good as new. 
My typical routine at any sale is to skip over the big items b/c its not likely that I am ever in the market to buy a used potty chair, pack and play or stroller- most of the time (not always) these items show a lot of wear and tear. I first head to the toy section and see if there's anything that Avrie is into and the currently moment in time. This year, I am looking for a really cute barn yard toy. She played with a 1980's set at GG's almost two months ago and STILL talks about it. 
* kids sales!!! [photo via: yahoo image search]
I had this said playskool barn toy as a kid toy.... you know the one I'm talking about.... the barn door makes a sick cow sound when you open it.... anyone???
Next, I head to the books- there really is no need to buy a book brand new. ever. Then the puzzles and games. These can be tricky you either have to be able to open and inspect and or trust that all pieces are still there. I've had pretty good luck with all puzzles I have picked up.
Then I make my way to the clothes. ONLY show in the size you know you NEED. Avrie is in 3T right now so I headed for the 4T rack. I told myself that I was NOT getting any jammies this year (she has soooooo many. too many!) I typically look for good condition jeans and long pants, holiday themed stuff and based on the sale (Spring/Fall) basic shorts/tees/tanks or track suits and long sleeve stuff.Most of the time I am out the door under $100! 
I kicked off this season with my favorite sale in Lakeville; From Yours To Mine, LLC. Its huge but not overwhelming, its organized and neat, everything is clearly labeled, its spacious and generally just a well oiled machine! It's by far my favorite. 
After and hour and 15 minutes (and spending an average $2.88 per item) I ended up with the following clothing items;
* kids sales!!![Christmas, Valentine's Day & 4th of July]
* kids sales!!! [3T, 4T & 5T!]
* kids sales!!!  [bottom right: the orange shirt has a KANGAROO on it, AV flipped, like i knew she would!] ;)
 Not pictured a large wooden block 1-20 number puzzle, a Very Hungry Caterpillar game, Dr. Seuss easy read flashcards, a set of play dishes for her outdoor playhouse, a keyboard, a barbie laptop, a princess cash register and a number of books. Same as the clothes, all toy items are cleaned before use.
My mom and I checked out the WBL ecfe sale too (whomp whomp) I found three items, I felt the need to wash my hands after that one.... ekk! Ironically, I sound like such a consignment sale snob, don't I. well.... I'm not going to lie, I am ;)
Next on my agenda is the HUGE Forest Lake ECFE sale at the high school and following that, a new sale (for me) down in the Hastings area- a Mom's Sale and thennn every single garage sale I can manage to pop into. Tell me, what's YOUR favorite sale and tell me your HONEST opinion on these sales- no feelings hurt because I am set in my ways and really do LOVE them. ;)
Happy Sale Season! :)

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