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Kids Can Say Some Of the Funniest Things!

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

Kids Can Say Some Of the Funniest Things!Today I wanted to do something fun and share some stories of things that my kids had said when they were small. My hope is that those of you who might enjoy these stories will possibly have some of your own that you wouldn’t mind sharing.  So please make sure to take the time to share yours below!

At times it makes you wonder what might be going on in their cute little heads when they come up with certain things!  I’ll start with a story of my eldest daughter when she was just 6 years old.

We were driving across Texas on the way back home and it was getting pretty late at night and I was really needing a little help staying awake!  So I decided at a certain point to stop into a gas station to buy a Dr. Pepper from a vending machine.  Once back in the car and I got back on the road after a short while, I heard Sonia in the back seat whimpering and sniffing as she was obviously distraught about something.  Mom kept probing with the intent to find out what was wrong when finally she shared what it was that she was worried about.  In tears she burst out to tell us, “the TV says that you are not supposed to drink and drive, the police are going stop us and to put daddy in jail!”  Bless her heart!

My son Michael had just been talking with his mom who was trying to help him understand the sad plight of homeless people.  She had expressed how we need to be considerate of those who do not have a bed to sleep in and had to stay out on the street with only a newspaper to cover up with in order to stay warm.  Naturally she was trying to help him see that we should be thankful for how blessed we are to have somewhere to live.  A few days later while tucking him into bed before his evening prayers mom shares with him that the next day was our day off and so she suggested that he pray to ask the Lord to help us all to sleep in (as in not waking up too early).  On our day off our children seemed to want to get up extra early!  So, he was asked to say his little prayers for the night and he prays: “dear Lord, please help us to sleep in and not to sleep out” He was still left very impressed with the homeless people and was sure that he did not want to have to sleep out!

On another journey by car, we had been traveling for some time and our car had gotten pretty low on gas.  I commented how it might be a good idea to stop to fill up our tank.  Our son, Jesse who was about 4 years old at the time popped his head up just in time to notice that I had passed by a gas station which was on the other side of the road and so he wanted be a help and let me know, so he piped up and said “dad you passed gas!” Of course we all roared with laughter which he could not clearly understand why!  Well, since it made a hit that time, from that day on he attempted to say it again in the days that followed, but sadly the joke by then had grown old.

There are probably dozens more to share, I just don’t have them all so clear at this time, but I would be happy to hear yours!  Kids are so much fun, and they create memories that last a lifetime! I hope you enjoyed mine I look forward to reading yours!

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