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Kids Aren't Produce, Let's Ditch the Labels

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

I have pretty hyperkid.  He spontaneously breaks out intoloud shrieks and squeals, followed by lots of wiggling and jumping around.  He seldom listens to anything I say and has adeviousness about his personality which causes him to act in a less than politemanner.Kids Aren't Produce, Let's Ditch the Labels
You know, like whenhe used to pee on the floor (because he wanted to - end quote).  Or when he starts banging on my keyboard,hmm, or pours his water out onto his bed, ohh and spits on the floor.
The force is strongin this one, but the pull of the dark side is quite seductive.
At any rate, all ofhis antics, get me a little worried about how he will respond to being in aformal school setting.  As a mom, I'mpretty much afraid of some impatient, teacher trying to label him ashyperactive (ADD, ADHD) or just simply a "troublemaker". 
Personally, thewhole system bugs the hell out of me and I don't want to get mixed up init.  Labels of all sorts are way tooprevalent, and just over used in my opinion. I don't want to trivialize it for those who are dealing with issuessurrounding their children having ADD or ADHD, but for me, some of it is just acrock. 
All kids aredifferent and some need more attention, guidance, and discipline than others,but that doesn't always  mean these kidshave some type of "condition" or are "troublemakers". 
I was never labeledas a child but knew people who were and saw how they were treated.  Teachers and the school system gave up on them.  The worst part, was the kidsstarted to believe the labels and used it as a crutch or excuse tonot apply themselves.  Pretty much, theylowered their expectations of themselves.
That's my biggest concern about labeling kids, they start to believe inthe labels too and that usually harms more than it helps.  
I truly believe all kids are different and most likely can be reached if there was more flexibility in the system to provide different learning styles or discipline techniques.  Kids aren't like produce, you can't just lump them into groups like fruits or vegetables, it's insulting.
What's your take on labeling kids, helpful or harmful?
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