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Kids App Review: ABC Kids Trace

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Although we have an Ipad, we don't use the kids applications a lot. We don't let our two year old use it,as he has no self-control yet and once allowed, will demand it all the time. So the Ipad is only around when he's sleeping ;-) We have downloaded a few for our  five year old but she is not much interested. She would rather challenge herself with a puzzle application for grown ups ;)
I was intrigued when asked to review ABC Kids Trace. Being a teacher by profession, David Norton developed this application with her 4 year old daughter. It can be seen as a modern version of a sand tray where children are encouraged to  write letters or sandpaper letters that are used in Montessori education.
The idea is that the child traces the letters looking at the example shown in the corner of the screen . In that example the child sees the arrows that guides her/him on how to write the letter.
One issue we experienced was that when Defne couldn't draw a line in one go and wanted to continue drawing from where she left it, a dot appears and does not let you complete the line. When I asked about this, David explained to me that the applicationwas developed to be a little bit challenging in that the stroke order must be followed. So, if a letter "B" was not completed in the correct stroke order or not traced completely they have to go back to "A" and forward to "B' and try again (this reinforces understanding of sequence). Definitely makes sense to me!
I think it is a good educational application that perhaps requires some parental guidance at the beginning.You can download it from itunes for $1.99

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