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Kids and Exercise

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

What you should know is that exercise is good for children. Instead of playing video games, surfing the Internet or watching TV during their free time, kids should be spending more time doing physical activities. But how much is too much? Should kids be weight training? We will discuss these questions and more.Kids and Exercise

Not Little Adults

You should keep in mind that kids are not little adults. Children are different from adults in almost all many ways. Their bodies are different, their minds are different and even their emotions are different. This implies that methods used by adults are not applicable to young children. The skeletal structure of children, for instance, is not yet developed. Exercise can affect the way kid’s bones grow, especially among girls.  With an improper exercise routine, they could suffer from injuries or even ailments that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Another thing that you need to know about kids is that they are more prone to injuries than adults especially if they don’t properly warm-up prior to working out. This is because they have a large surface area compared to muscles mass that results in having immature system of temperature regulation. Kids also do not perspire as much as grownups do that makes them more susceptible to heat exhaustion and even heat stroke You cannot also expect kids to gain strength and speed as quickly as adults because of their low muscle mass and undeveloped hormone system. Their endurance and stamina is also different from that of adults since breathing and heart response are also different.

Doctor’s Clearance

The first thing that you as a parent should do if your kid really wants to get started early on the path to exercise is to get his doctor’s approval. Only he can know for sure if your kid is fit to exercise or not. If the doctor says yes, you can already let your kid start working out but with your guidance of course. Teach him the value of a proper warmup and cool down. You should also make sure the workload is appropriate for his age.

Kid Safe Exercise

You can also start your kid on the fitness habit by introducing him first to exercise routine that are safe for kids. One such exercise is rebounding. For his safety though, you should invest in a good mini trampoline such as a Needak rebounder. Rebounding is an easy and low impact and exercise that doesn’t come with risks that are present in other forms of exercise.

Post by David W. a staff writer for needak USA.

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