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Kersten's Easter Sermon

By Erictheblue

Since Easter falls on a Sunday this year, and Sunday is the day for Katherine Kersten to spatter her fantasies on the editorial page of the Star Tribune, you could pretty much count on a lecture concerning how America has fallen away from the Christian principles of its founding, the dire consequences for our Republic, and the urgent need to reinstitute "limited government" as required by the Judeo-Christian tradition.  And the train rolled into the station right on time!

Kersten will believe that the founding fathers were a congregation of Bible-believing Christians if it pleases her to believe that.  But it's a little rich for her to argue at the same time that "truth exists" and  can be apprehended by ordinary people exercising their reason.   If that is so, why is she so clueless about the views of Franklin, Jefferson, Paine, Washington, et. al.?  

Oh, but I've overlooked the inscription on the Liberty Bell!  She's as ridiculous as Bachmann.

Kersten's regard for what she calls "the truth" ends where her politics start. Evidence of that is the bogeyman she puts up opposite the vaunted Judeo-Christian tradition--"scientific materialism."  This is just a way of coloring the argument by borrowing some of the vaguely unfavorable associations of "materialism."  The subject of science is materiality.  Its methods are materialistic.  There is no such thing as "unscientific materialism."  Kersten's phony distinctions conceal that her real problem is with the modern world, especially science, which has done such a good job of uncovering the real answers to questions formerly pontificated upon by churchmen that nowadays people like her are reduced to spreading falsehoods about America's founders.

That's progress, I guess.

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