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Kentucky County Cluck Refuses to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Posted on the 01 September 2015 by Lowell

Kentucky County Cluck Refuses to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses
Citing God as her ultimate authority, Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis, has steadfastly refused to issue licenses for gay marriages, even though the law instructs her to do so. 
Finally, a federal judge has ordered her to court.
Ms. Davis can believe in any kind of deity she wants.  She can believe in Zeus.  Or Osiris.  Or Allah.  Or Yahweh.  Or Jesus.  Or the Pope.  Or the Poop.  She has that right. 
But as an official governmental officer, paid by the taxpayers, she does not have the right to refuse to do her job because her teeny little brain tells her that her god thinks gay marriage is wrong. 
[What I find incomprehensible is the insistence that homosexuality is an "abomination," while these same people totally ignore all the other "sinners" out there committing other abominations.  By a more strict fundamentalist Christian standard, she'd have to refuse marriage licenses to about 99.9 % of the population.  And she herself would not qualify for a marriage license as you can bet she's screwed up somewhere along the line.]
It's all such crap and it's so stupid to have to mess around with these ignorant and bigoted people in 2015.  
I hate to see anyone go to jail, but if she continues to refuse to do her job, she should be impeached (no matter the cost involved), fined and given jail time.
So often these days, piddly-ass religious twerps use the "god" scam as a way to bless their own bigoted beliefs and undergird the little power that they think they have.   But that can't work in this country because this country is a secular country governed by the people, not by any god. 

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