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Kelsey Bang // Know Your Style

By Gentrilee
Kelsey Bang // Know Your Style
Hello Gentri Lee Readers! We are Jake and Kelsey Bang and are so excited to be meeting you today! We love Gentri Lee and how she always finds so much beauty all around her! 

We are a his and her style blog called Kelsey Bang. We have been blogging for a year and a half now and have been loving every minute of it! We have really enjoyed being able to do something together we love and focused on what we love (fashion)! One of our favorite things about blogging is taking pictures together! We love finding new photo locations and mapping out our Saturday photo runs.We have always believed in wearing what makes you feel your best! Whether that be a tshirt/jeans or a cute dress! We both love wearing casual clothing but love to dress up every once and a while! Fashion should be fun and exciting! We have always felt, if you're not having fun, mix it up and try something new! One of our favorite ways to try out new styles is finding something you are already comfortable wearing like a basic button up tee, but pushing the limits with a bold color or print, or a new fabric you are not used to wearing.Kelsey Bang // Know Your StyleKelsey Bang // Know Your StyleKelsey Bang // Know Your StyleKelsey Bang // Know Your Style
We have loved how blogging has helped us expand our style and try out new trends. One of our favorite trends right now for fall season is a statement coat. There are so many amazing coats out right now we have been in online shopping heaven! We love how a lot of coats have asymmetrical hems or even cute fishtails. A few of our favorite places to shop for the Statement Coats have been All Saints, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom!

Thanks for reading!

-Kelsey & Jake

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