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Kelly Nicole Designs !

By Keiciashanta1 @fashioncrushed
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Hello Fabs ! I hope all is well and that you are staying stylish as usual . We at FashionCrushOne love fashion ... but we really love new , up and coming designers ! There is nothing like following the career of a new designer and watching their creations come to life. Our Fab Kela is bringing Kelly Nicole Designs into center stage for our viewing pleasure .

Kelly Nicole Designs
By: Kela Norman

Kelly Nicole Druce is from Harker Heights, Texas. In May 2013 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Alabama. She majored in Apparel Design with a minor in graphic art. In February 2013, Kelly showed the collection "Ivanhoe" at Birmingham Fashion Week. She was selected as a top 7 finalist in the emerging designer competition. Her collection, "Out of Darkness" was shown in March of 2013 at Fashion Week New Orleans. Kelly’s love for design landed her an internship for Alexander Berardi and Mood Fabrics in New York City. Avidly working every day, Kelly Nicole is sky rocketing her way to the top !

KN: How do you deal with creators BLOCK?

KD: When I have creators block I just go back to my sources of inspiration. I look at magazines, art, movies, and I do trend and color research. This helps inspire me and gets my creativity flowing again.

KN: Do you ever imagine yourself in the design before you create it?

KD: When I design collections for shows I tend to think more about my target customer than myself. When I do random designs outside of collections they are always things I would want for myself. Of course there is some overlap. I don’t imagine my collections for myself but they are designs I really love so I would wear most of them.

KN: At what age did you discover your talent?

KD: I’ve always loved art and creating especially drawing. I’ve always enjoyed drawing people and deciding what they should wear. When I was in 8th grade I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer. I’m not really sure why but it’s just something I picked and never changed my mind. I got a sewing machine my junior year in high school and taught myself how to sew. That’s when I really committed to fashion design.

KN: Describe your experience while working at Mood Fabrics in New York.

KD: Working at Mood was a great experience. I have watched Project Runway from season 1 and I always wanted to go to Mood. While interning there I had access to so many different kinds of fabric that weren’t available in Alabama. I learned so much from just being around all of the fabric and getting to feel it. I also enjoyed the work they had me do. I designed their college campus rep program which was a fun challenge and I also color matched products for the website. When you look at a fabric on and see the suggested zipper and thread that was me. I matched all of it.

KN: What are your long term fashion goals?

KD: Eventually I would like to start my own line and own my own boutique to sell it in. I really enjoyed interning with Alexander Berardi because that is what he is doing.

KN: Are there any famous designers that you would like to collaborate with on a fashion project?

KD: I would love to work with Betsey Johnson. I’ve really loved her brand for a long time. She keeps fashion fun and you can tell she really loves what she does. I think our styles would mesh well together and I think I could really learn a lot from her. I hope I’m still going strong when I’m 70!

KN: Were you nervous about participating in Fashion Week NOLA?

KD: I was very nervous about Fashion Week NOLA mostly because of the distance. I had no way to fit my models before the show. All I had was measurements and I had to hope for the best. Luckily everything worked out. I was also stressed because I showed a different collection at Birmingham Fashion Week the month before. I had a month to prepare my 10 look collection for NOLA when I normally would have spent about 3 months preparing.

KN: What is your favorite season?

KD: I love to design for fall. I just really like layering pieces and I tend to make a lot of jackets and coats. I think I design mostly for the fall because I live in the south. It’s always so hot in the summer and spring that you’re just trying to wear as little clothing as possible to be comfortable. And then in the fall and winter it doesn’t really get cold enough to wear all your cute coats and layering pieces. I think I design for fall because it feeds into a fantasy of living somewhere that has real winters.
KN: What is your signature design style?
KD: I get a lot of my inspiration from video games. My target woman is a strong and sexy woman like the heroines in the games. My designs mix elements of masculinity and femininity, and are always edgy but still beautiful. I want my customer to look powerful but still beautiful and sexy.

KN: Did you learn a lot from Alexander Berardi?

KD: I learned so much from Alex. He’s a young up and coming designer who is really doing what I hope to do. He has shown at New York Fashion Week and owns a boutique in SoHo where he sells his designs. He is very nice and easy to talk to so I was able to ask him questions about his business. I hope he continues to grow and expand.

Keep this designer on your fashion radar Fabs ! If Kelly keeps her aesthetic as her motivator, I don't doubt that she is one of the Fashion Stars of the future !

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