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Kefalonian Idyll

By Judithmiddleton
Kefalonian Idyll
Last week I traveled to Kefalonia on holiday. It is a beautiful destination; very peaceful and quiet.
It's been at least 10 years since I visited Greece and I was pleased to see little had changed. Indeed, although we stayed in a modern villa, it still connected by tiny drainage pipes to the cesspit.
With so many things causing strife between couples I do wonder if this could be another. Certainly it wasn't to Outdoor Man's liking.
Now in all my years of practice I have never had anyone claim as grounds for divorce the size of their drainage pipes. Are things different in Greece?
Do arguments rage over blockages and who gets the drainage rods out next? Is there a shortage of plumbers when you really need one? Alternatively is it a case of shut up and put up? Or is there perhaps a collaborative solution where lateral thinking gets everyone petitioning for a change in pipe sizes rather than for divorce?

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