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Keeping the Temperature Up

By Sue15cat

Keeping the Temperature Up
As you can see we don't have our central heating temperature thing set very high, 17.5 degrees suits me just fine, if it drops below that I do feel the cold ... but it rarely does, and I'm always wearing layers that get added to or peeled off depending on how active I am around the house.
The dogs sleep in the kitchen near the Aga and we keep the kitchen door closed overnight so that if we need to come downstairs to the bathroom (it's just off the living room) we don't disturb the dogs or Ginger.  So the heat from the Aga is trapped in the kitchen and conservatory overnight, it only takes an hour of the door being opened again in the morning and the houses Winter overnight temperature of about 15.5 creeps once again back up to the 17 degree mark.  The central heating clicks on for an hour in the morning taking us to a barmy 18 or so degrees.
Keeping the Temperature Up
This is where our thermostat sits ( I just remembered what it's called), on a little ledge over the stairs, I find this gives us a good overall marker for the house temperature.
If I go into other folk homes I am often amazed by the tropical temperatures with windows being opened to cool the house down if it's deemed 'too hot' and the occupants in bare feet and T shirts.  Well each to their own I guess but 'you pays your money and makes your choice'.
At the moment my poor Mum is feeling the cold even in her heated little bungalow, but sensibly each afternoon when she gets chilly she dons her dressing gown, makes herself a hot drink and cosies up in front of the tele .... now that's a very good choice in my opinion.
The sun will hopefully soon be back and the heating will be off for the Summer and we, like the chickens the other day, will be basking in a free warmth once again.
Sue xx

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