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Keeping Fit With The Family

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Keeping fit is not something people find easy to do alone. I have found that a regular session with the BMX bikes serves as a perfect way of enjoying physical activities for the family. Having tried many exercise methods in an attempt to get one to stick, simply riding a bike with the family has done it.
Don't go alone
If I've learnt anything in my ragged attempts to get off the couch, it's that exercise is not something to do on your own. That doesn't necessarily mean that someone has to be with you, but knowing that there are others involved - be they on the internet, or pursuing similar goals elsewhere - is a key element of keeping on track. When organising exercise, or sport, there are often people - children especially - who dislike elements. Getting a teenager to swim can be a nightmare, or an adult to gather the confidence to run in public. Riding a bike is a natural, no-nonsense way of getting everyone together. So long as your children are above the age of 3, they can join in the riding too.
Pick an easy exercise
This may sound counter-productive, but it's really not. Organise the family for a gruelling session of running and you'll likely end up with a high drop-out rate by lunchtime. Pick easy exercises: you can always ramp up the difficulty if you want to, but not everyone is prepared for getting sweaty. Starting slow ensures nobody feels left behind, and if people have their breath, they can talk. If you're taking the BMX bikes out, pick a relatively flat route and allow time for resting. Soon enough, you'll be biking for hours with the family, and loving it.
Do it for the family
By keeping a healthy lifestyle while having fun, you're ticking all the boxes. And not just your own, but your whole family's. Getting those who don't exercise started is often done by tagging along with someone else. If you can encourage your whole family to join you, you're doing them a favour by introducing them to regular exercise and giving them a chance to bond with you. It's not always easy to open up when you're at the dinner table, but that changes after a shared experience like a beautiful day out with the BMX bikes.

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