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KCPT: Week In Review-- Lily, Bleached White Men

Posted on the 05 February 2021 by Morage @kebmebms

Holy cow.

KCPT, Kansas City Public Television tonight on the "Week in Review" program not only didn't have a token Black person, Black man or woman on the program or a Hispanic but get this. All they had was TWO WHITE MEN.

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Let me say that again.

On the local PBS TV station's weekly news program, all they had was 2 white men as guests. With the host, NIck Haines, that makes for 3 white men. Period.  That's it. That's all.

Thank God they interviewed Mayor Quinton Lucas at the beginning of the program.

Maybe they don't know Mayor Lucas is Black?

I mean wow.

Seriously, KCPT.

Two white men? 

That's it?

No women?

No Black man or woman?

No Hispanic person?

The local newspaper, the Kansas City Star goes out of their way recently, to apologize for only representing the white, Caucasian side of local news over its history and all you have on your weekly, local TV program this week is THREE WHITE GUYS?

Again, REALLY?

And it wasn't snowing yet so please, please don't try to use the weather as an excuse.

Guys, gals, may I come down and get some of your bleach?

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