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Kauffman Stadium Tour

By Precious Sanders @pdsanders99

As one last hurrah to 2022, I signed up to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Kauffman Stadium today. The weather was about as good as one could hope for on December 31st, but it was still pretty chilly, and I was glad I bundled up for this experience. My tour guide was an older gentleman named Michael, whose daughter also works for the Royals. According to Michael, one month after he retired, his daughter insisted that he needed something to do and helped him get set up giving tours of Kauffman during the off season and working in the Royals Hall of Fame during the season. He’s been working in this capacity for the last eight years, and he certainly knew his stuff.

This post is going to be predominantly pictures, but I’ll try to include explanatory captions where appropriate.

Click to view slideshow. Click to view slideshow. Kauffman Stadium tourOne of the business suites. According to Michael, folks who purchase these get 24/7/365 access to their suite. Click to view slideshow. 323066880_1245261169360107_203130550061431281_nThis is what Kauffman Stadium’s famous fountains look like when turned off and cleaned out for the off season. Click to view slideshow. Click to view slideshow. Click to view slideshow.

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