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Katy Perry Talks About Almost Getting Beyoncé ‘Pretty Hurts’

Posted on the 05 June 2014 by Mikeylately @MikeyLately

Katy Perry Talks About Almost Getting Beyoncé ‘Pretty Hurts’

In July’s issue of Cosmo Katy Perry talks about almost getting Beyoncé “Pretty Hurts.” Cosmo got Chelsea Handler to interview Katy Perry. Check out some of the interview below.

Katy Perry Talks About Almost Getting Beyoncé ‘Pretty Hurts’
Be honest – because we all do it – how often do you google yourself?

I go through phases. I really wish there was a google rehab. It’s not that I do it a lot; just when I want to hear feedback on something I did. Like if I’m putting out a new record or video, I want to feel what’s going on – to take a temperature of the world and see if the product is working. I’m very corporate in that way. I’ll check a few websites and my replies on Twitter. I want to hear from the kids who follow me more than I want to hear some biased, boring blogger.

Sia is a good friend of mine. I know that she wrote Pretty Hurts with you in mind and emailed it to you – are you bummed it’s Beyoncé’s hit now?

Katy Perry Talks About Almost Getting Beyoncé ‘Pretty Hurts’

I had gotten the email, I just overlooked it. When I [finally] heard it I loved it, so I sent [Sia] a text message and she was like, “Check your email, idiot.” And then I felt really bad. But I’m doing OK, I have enough songs.

It feels like you’re always on tour – after I’ve done one, I’m like, “That’s it, I’m not touring again for at least two or three years.” How do you keep it together, psychologically and physically?

You have to practice self-control, which is one of my least favorite words. I do small things, like cut out dairy. I’m such an almond milk type of girl now.

What about alcohol?

Katy Perry Talks About Almost Getting Beyoncé ‘Pretty Hurts’

I don’t think I’ve ever had an alcoholic drink before getting on stage. But I do always have one waiting for me when 
I get off stage – a glass of champagne. 

What’s the most nerve-racking thing about performing live?

I’ll be really nervous that the press will get weird upskirt photos of an ingrown hair poking out of my leotard. 
Or that I might accidentally trip down some stairs and then footage of it will be on the internet forever. But that’s just a part of life. And luckily I think people are OK with that with me. For example, in the music video for Birthday, I look the worst I’ve ever looked. But I feel like if I am the one who presents how awful I look to the world, then I can go anywhere. I have room to grow. Like when my ex-husband [Russell Brand] accidentally posted a picture of me [on Twitter] without makeup I was like, “Oh, shit! I was making faces for you. Take it offline!” But of course it’s online forever. And in some ways I felt this huge relief. I didn’t have to be like Betty Boop any more. I was like, “Great! I can just look like my little brother if I want to.”  

What do you like most about yourself that also attracts a guy?

Katy Perry Talks About Almost Getting Beyoncé ‘Pretty Hurts’

I love it when I can really be myself 
– wear less makeup, have off-colour humor right off the bat – and when 
I can scare them with the truth and they’re not frightened. You know, just come out right in the beginning and 
say, “I have stinky farts.” There are no secrets or filters. And I think when I’m myself is when I’m probably the most attractive to someone else.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without having sex?

Katy Perry Talks About Almost Getting Beyoncé ‘Pretty Hurts’
Probably six months or a year. I don’t stay single for long. I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with amethyst.

You know a lot more about crystals than I do. Do you have rules for sex? Do you make a guy wait?

Well, I’m not like Professor Higgins with my sex life. I’m not super strict. For me, the most important thing about sex is connection.



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