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Kate's Kiss Lipstick

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo Shimmers,
So in my latest haul, HERE, I purchased a Kate Moss Rimmel London Lipstick which i am loving very much. The packaging is lush and feels like it should be really expensive. It only cost £5.99 and i think that price is the perfect price for this product, its not often i think that!! I love the little
Kate <3 it justs adds that little something.
Kate's Kiss Lipstick I am loving the colour, a pink/peach color which is gorgeous for spring summer. I was also surprised that when i put it on it had a cherry smell, a good surprise, I love cherry (actually im not sure if it is cherry because it doesnt say, but i think it is cherry!). The lipstick is exremly moist, im not usually a fan of lipsticks i prefer lipglosses but i really like the consistency of this lipstick.
Kate's Kiss LipstickI am a really big fan of lipsticks and glosses so if you have any suggestions that you think i should try or might like then please do get in touch, leave a comment or emali me that would be great. Overall I am super pleased with this product and will probrably pick up a few more of this make in different colours for my holiday. :)

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