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Kashrut Without Actual Kashrut

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Kosharot posted this to their Facebook page..
kashrut without actual kashrut
The sign was ostensibly seen hanging in a restaurant.. it says:
Certificate of Consideration:
-This business buys all its raw supplies from Israeli suppliers, all holding kashrut certification
- we do not have any milk products on premesis and are careful regarding keeping meat, chicken and fish separate.
- we do not work on shabbat or holidays
- we guarantee to be strict about all this and to respect our clients whose ideals are important to us.
We do not work with the Rabbanut
We used to be in touch with them :-)
Kosharot asked:
What is your opinion about this?
Certificate of Consideration:
- We are strict about all rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health
- We follow all the rules of the Fire and Security services
- We pay all our workers all the required payments according to the rules of the Ministry of Labor
-  We do not work in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the fire and security services, Ministry of Trade and Commerce
We used to be in touch with them 
So, what would you do? Would you eat in the place with the sign about kashrut? would you eat in the comparable place with a sign like that about health and social standards?
I probably would not in either. Such a sign would likely scare me off. With the kashrut though, if I knew the owner or if he was religious, he would have a chezkat neemanus and a person would technically be able to rely on him, should he choose to do so. Without knowing the guy, or without him being religious, it would be a much bigger problem.
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