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Karmel Allison is Pres. Lucifer’s 7th Fainter!

Posted on the 24 October 2013 by Eowyn @DrEowyn

Women have a disconcerting way of fainting in the POS’s presence. That’s how powerful his presence is! [smirk]

fainting woman

On Monday, it was the woman in red, Karmel Allison (yellow arrow). (See “Obama to the rescue! Saves woman from fainting!“)

But Karmel isn’t the only fainter. This hilarious video shows that before Karmel, there have been at least SIX other fainters! (at the 2:27, 2:55, 3:19, 3:36, 4:20 and 5:30 marks)

The Obama effect is contagious! Hillary Clinton, too, had a fainter! (at the 6:24 mark)

And if you think that all these fainters crisis actors are for real, I have some nice alligator-infested swamp land in Florida to sell ya.


H/t Freedom Outpost and my friend John Molloy


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