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Karen Chaton Write up

By Elkgrovemilling

Elk Grove Stable Mix
Karen Chaton
April 2013

I’m going into my third year of feeding Elk Grove Stable Mix to my two endurance horses, Granite Chief+/ and Pro Bono (Chief and Bo). They have been doing extremely well in competition, and totally thrive on the stuff! I feed about ½ Stable Mix and ½ Grass/Alfalfa mix hay to them each day, broken up into several small feedings. This seems to work well for them and they have been healthy with no colics or any other health issues during this entire time.

Since Chief is such an easy keeper, he gets less of both the Stable Mix and hay each day than Bo does. I always feed the stable mix to them soaked, that way they are used to eating it that way at endurance rides. Both horses love their Stable Mix and readily eat it, even when I have added additional salt or electrolytes to it. When I’m preparing for an endurance ride I will increase the amount of Stable Mix mash that they are fed for a day or two prior to traveling (with a little salt added). Then, while traveling I offer them more Stable Mix mash. This goes a long way to keep them hydrated and gets them to each ride in really good shape metabolically. I have never found another feed that my horses like as much as their Stable Mix.

Earlier this year I changed over from the regular EGM Stable Mix to the Stable Mix formula that contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin. I want to do everything I can to help my horses joints stay healthy, especially since they do so much work and already have a lot of mileage on them. Chief currently has over 13,300 miles and Bo has 6,500 miles. Both horses are frisky and playful, with lots of energy and a great attitude. I am really happy that Elk Grove offers this product as I think it’s a great way to provide an great way to provide joint support that is easy to feed, and less expensive than adding a separate supplement.

I have also used the Elk Grove Senior Stable Mix for when I am feeding at a vet check on an endurance ride. The horses like the variety and whenever they don’t finish every last bit of it another horse is always happy to gobble it up.

I have stopped feeding any other vitamin supplements to my horses – all they need to perform well and stay healthy is their Stable Mix and hay. When the horses have a break between rides it’s easy to reduce the amount of feed to keep them from gaining weight, and then when they are traveling and competing I simply increase the amount to keep up with their workloads. It’s very simple, and the horse’s both keep a really nice healthy weight all year around.

I originally found out about Stable Mix from a local friend that uses it to keep weight on her senior horses. I gave it a try and realized immediately how great this feed is – why hadn’t I heard of it before? More people need to find out about it! There are so many great benefits to feeding Stable Mix, here is my Top Ten list:

1) It’s a healthy, well balanced and nutritious horse feed
2) It’s a great way to get a wet mash into a horse to keep hydration up
3) My horse’s love it!
4) Certified weed free
5) It’s economical
6) It eliminates to need to feed additional supplements
7) It’s easy to get to your barn – either in 250# barrels, or 50# bags
8) The bags (and barrels) are always full and proper weight (unlike other brands of feed)
9) There are multiple varieties, so easy to find which one works best for each horse
10) In three years, I’ve only ever had good clean high quality feed that the horses love to eat

I highly recommend Stable Mix – whether it’s for a pleasure horse, endurance or performance horse, or a senior horse it is an excellent healthy and economical choice of feed that your horse is sure to love. Thank you Elk Grove for manufacturing such a great product for my horses!

Happy trails, Karen

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